Rainloop Webmail Docker container.
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Rainloop webmail Docker container

This repository contains Rainloop webmail Docker container build scripts and neccessary configuration files.

Persistent things

There are some things that should be preserved between container's restarts. Please, add new volume for /var/www/rainloop/data directory.

If you're binding directory except of creating volume please do proper chown:

chown -R 100:101 /dir/with/data

Use with docker-compose

You may use this image with docker-compose like that:

version: "2.4"

    restart: always
    image: "pztrn/rainloop:1.16.0"
      - "/root/rainloop/data:/var/www/rainloop/data"
      - "5480:80"
    cpus: 2
    mem_limit: 1G
    memswap_limit: 0