Drone server built without builds limit (which is 5000). Free for individuals (like me) and businesses with under $1M US dollars in annual gross revenue. Please take a look at https://docs.drone.io/enterprise/ first!
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Drone without limits

This repository contains everything that is need to build a Docker image with drone Enterprise version without limits like build numbers. It is completely identical to official ones, e.g. using Alpine Linux and exports same environment variables by default (except Datatog). Runners that are built by Drone team can be safely used with this image.

The reason this image appeared is that official Drone image is already on Enterprise version but with limits applied, which isn't good for me, as I am individual and able to use Enterprise version for free and without limits.


Not all types of users are allowed to use this image, please consult with drone documentation first!

At the moment of last commit and build only these types of users are allowed to use this image:

  1. Individuals who uses Drone without commercialization.
  2. Students.
  3. Organizations with under $1 million US dollars in annual gross revenue.

Otherwise please use official Drone image from Docker Hub or build open source edition by yourself. Differences between Enterprise and Open Source editions are available here.

Installation and usage

This image can be used and configured according to official Drone documentation.

The only thing is: use this line for image: