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Main Window

URTrator is a desktop application that should (eventually) replace Urban Terror's and IRC client interfaces for you, because they're pretty shitty :).

Disclaimer: This software isn't written nor supported (for now) by FrozenSand. All code is a community effort.

Right now it can:

  • Obtaining list of Urban Terror servers from master server and updating information about them.
  • Local caching of whole data (in SQLite3 database).
  • Extended Urban Terror launching capabilities (e.g. launching game in another X session).
  • Supporting of multiple profiles with multiple game versions. When you're launching Urban Terror URTrator will check profile you're trying to use and, if version incompatability found, will not launch the game.
  • Favorites servers.
  • Updating single server.
  • Automatically update servers information.
  • Showing information about servers (like in UrT Connector).
  • Clipboard monitoring.


  • Friends searching.
  • RCON console.
  • Game updating (not from official servers yet, sorry).
  • Pickup/matchmaking interfaces.
  • All kinds of notifications.
  • Extended profile editor, so every profile could have own configuration files, etc.
  • ...maybe more :)



There is no precautions for latest source with Golang 1.11.2 and GTK+2 2.24.32.


You don't need to install anything, thanks to Go's. URTrator executable contains everything we need. Just download approriate binary and launch it! :) The only thing is to make sure you have GTK2 and sqlite3 installed.

Windows and macOS users will receive full distribution that is ready to be launched OOB, no need to additionally install anything.

Distro-and-OS specific instructions

  • MacOS
  • Windows (to be written)
  • Nixes: read below.

Development version

URTrator written in Go and GTK2, so you should have them installed. Make sure your GOPATH variable is defined.

Then execute:

go get -d
go install

First command will get sources of URTrator and dependencies, second command will build executable for you and place it in $GOROOT/bin.


go get will do initial repo clone for you, but flag -u is required to get updated URTrator source. So, for updating sources just issue:

go get -d -u

Again, this will only update sources. To build executable you have to issue:

go install

Important information

macOS users - problems with Retina displays and blurry font

If you're on macOS and experiencing blurry font - apply Retinizer on .app. This will patch everything to use current screen DPI.

This isn't applied by default because it might create problems on displays with standart DPI.


Feel free to ping me everywhere you can and ask for adding a language for translation, if not already added here.

Also, if you're testing (or using) URTrator from source tree with go run you should also specify URTRATOR_BINDIR variable. This variable tells URTrator where it sources is and from where translations should be taken.

GTK warnings in console

Many GTK warnings in console may appear while using URTrator. Unfortunately, they are out of control, because they are related to Go GTK+2 bindings and nothing can be done on URTrator side.

Why GTK+2?

Because GTK+3 going on "stable api nonsense" way. And also it have some troubles with integrating with current popular WM/DE (like XFCE4, Openbox, etc.). And also I already tired of that shitty Adwaita and Cantarella.

If you want to use GTK+3, well, you can write UI for yourself, Go bindings exist.