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Fast Pastebin

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Easy-to-use-and-install pastebin software written in Go. No bells or whistles, no websockets and even NO JAVASCRIPT!

Please, use my gitea for bug reporting. All other places are mirrors!

Also, join Matrix room for near-realtime chat.

Current functionality

  • Create and view public and private pastes.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Pastes expiration.
  • Passwords for pastes.
  • Multiple storage backends. Currently: flatfiles, mysql and postgresql.


  • Not known at this moment.

Installation and updating

Just issue:

CGO_ENABLED=0 go install

Replace VERSION with a tag of your choice.

This command can be used to update Fast Paste Bin.

Also Fast Paste Bin is dockerized, see here for instructions.

Compose file with resources limits, as used by me:

version: "2.4"

    restart: always
      - "./fastpastebin.yaml:/app/fastpastebin.yaml"
      - "25544:25544"
    cpus: 2
    mem_limit: 1G
    memswap_limit: 0


Take a look at example configuration file which contains all supported options and their descriptions.

Configuration file position is irrelevant, there is no hardcoded paths where Fast Paste Bin looking for it's configuration. Use -config CLI parameter or FASTPASTEBIN_CONFIG environment variable to specify path.


Branching, versions, etc

There is a develop branch which represents current development state. All new commits (by me) and merge requests (by others) should go to that branch.

Branch master represents "latest version" state and always stable.


Use linters, formatters, etc. VSCode with Go plugin is recommended for developing as it will perform most of linting-formatting actions automagically.

Also, Sublime Text with LSP-gopls will also work just fine.

Try to follow Go's code review comments with few exceptions:

  • We're not forcing any limits on line length for code, only for comments, they should be 72-76 chars long.


This is a ToDo list which isn't sorted by any parameter at all. Just a list of tasks you can help with.

  • User CP.
  • Files uploading.
  • Passwords for files.
  • Pastes forking and revisioning (like git or github gists).
  • Possibility to copy-paste-edit WYSIWYG content.
  • CLI client for pastes and files uploading.