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df428b96ce Moved to my Gitea and made it buildable. 2019-12-29 13:21:05 +05:00
6944b51d13 This commit designates two changes: MIT and deprecation of Qt5 interface.
As I'm the only code contributor, I'm announcing that URTrator code
is now licensed under MIT license.

Also I'm deprecating Qt5 interface as it is really hard to write Qt
code and create installers with it. Maybe one day I even figure out
how to work with QtQuick (which attracts me more and more ATM) and
URTrator will use it, but not now.
2018-11-10 21:13:06 +05:00
127e1b8ab9 Updated to latest GTK2 bindings API and moved to Gitlab. 2018-11-10 13:21:53 +05:00
a6d53a3fd9 Profiles system stability improvements and fixes, qt5 works.
Now everything that uses Profiles from cache will also use it's
mutex to lock access. This brings more stability improvements :).
Also fixed profile update in database.

Qt5 interface is now translated (kinda).
2017-05-10 12:04:01 +05:00
af26eff895 Moved current UI in "gtk2" directory.
Get ready, we're migrating to Qt5 :).
2016-11-27 08:41:11 +05:00
93d2bb7fc1 Reverting moving LockOSThread to main module. 2016-11-21 02:43:05 +05:00
0392f510f5 Moved runtime.LockOSThread() to urtrator.go. 2016-11-21 01:33:04 +05:00
3537b05dce Moved windows actions to mainwindow_init_win.go. 2016-10-11 00:14:00 +05:00
12a5605276 Fix for windows not to show console on launch. 2016-10-08 23:57:21 +05:00
e87d51b1e3 New file with constants. And we're now 0.1-beta :). 2016-10-06 21:45:09 +05:00
f37dd3adfd Huge refactor regarding concurrency.
Now we have pooler which will pool connections (like pinging),
so there will be no timeouts due to "we have launched 100000 goroutines".

Reworked all code to use events (see Eventer). Still more work about
this to go.

Maybe more fixes I forgot.
2016-10-06 13:55:03 +05:00
ac938c16eb Initial commit, what works:
* Servers update
* Profile creation/edit/deletion
* Game launching
* Checks server version <> profile version.
2016-10-04 15:42:36 +05:00