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@ -12,7 +12,11 @@ GLP stands for Go Licensing Processor. It is an utility that parses application'
## Supported VCS and sites
None yet. It executes HTTP request with ``?go-get=1`` parameter to get go-import and go-source data.
It was tested for git repositories with various sites (github.com, gitlab.com, self-hosted Gitea, even [my giredore](https://sources.dev.pztrn.name/pztrn/giredore)). It will work with any hosting that supports ``?go-get=1`` URL parameter and which outputs go-import and go-source meta lines.
But there are some caveats appeared:
* Github most of times will not add ``go-source`` meta line in HTML's ``<head>`` tag. There are a workaround for that [here](https://sources.dev.pztrn.name/pztrn/glp/src/branch/master/structs/vcsdata.go).
## Installation
@ -22,6 +26,25 @@ It is enough to issue:
go get -u go.dev.pztrn.name/glp/cmd/glp
## Usage
See `glp -h` for a list of possible options.
### Example usage
glp -config ./.glp.yaml -pkgs /home/pztrn/projects/go/src/go.dev.pztrn.name/discordrone,/home/pztrn/projects/go/src/go.dev.pztrn.name/opensaps -outfile /home/pztrn/deps-test.csv
## Configuration
*None yet.*
For now you can configure only debug output for logging. See ToDo below.
## ToDo
* Ability to overwrite all things about dependency, like copyrights, license URL and so on via configuration file.
* Ability to use it as library.
* Ability to use it in CI with alerts about bad licenses.
* Ability to use it for projects written in other languages than Go (javascript, python, java, and so on).
* More outputters - PDF, xlsx and so on.
* (Maybe) Use ``go list`` output for gathering dependencies.